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Monday, 05 December 2005 13:42

Five municipalities and one county in Denmark have begun preparations to conduct new health profiles, to be completed in 2006. They intend to narrow the figures down to every city suburb and local region.

- To make sure we get sufficient data from every suburb and region, we have to present health profile survey to more people than we normally would have. Thus, enabling us to find figures that are as relevant to the suburbs as they are to the whole municipality. Financially, this causes an additional expenditure that we must coordinate with the leaders of the project, says Gregor Gurevitsch, coordinator of the Danish Healthy Cities Network.

At the team management meeting in Turku, the initiative from the Danish cities and possible financial solutions, will be discussed.

- At the same meeting, we must discuss which questions to include in our surveys. Perhaps each country should be allowed to include a number of questions that are relevant to their local situation. In Denmark for example, municipalities have recently been handed several tasks from the state. We can help the municipalities solve these tasks, if we get the right answers from these surveys. We must however remember that such questions will only be relevant to a minority of the people surveyed, he says.

In Denmark, health profiles have been around for some time, but always organised by the state. This will be the first time that the municipalities conduct surveys on their own.

- We intend to use the profiles as tools to discover changes in our people’s health condition. They can also help us see where preventory and health related implementations are needed, says Gurevitsch.

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