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Tuesday, 16 May 2006 19:16

HEPRO is about to present an International SWOT analysis.

The analysis will be presented at the partnership meeting in Alytus next week. The SWOT creates a background for comparing status in public health work in the Baltic Sea Region.

- Each partner must be aware of where she stands before deciding where to go in the future. We have therefore conducted a broad SWOT analysis in six different nations. In this analysis, the partners reflect on conditions such as political and administrative influences, the level of knowledge amongst the inhabitants and the quality of planning in society, says project coordinator Tiina Keinanen.

The SWOT analysis will, along with the health surveys being conducted this year, establish a platform for further action,

- Through 2006 we intend to emphasise the importance of increasing knowledge, a process to be carried out in a number of different ways: We shall highlight specific topics through seminars. In addition, the partners are going to visit each other. On this background, we intend to conduct a number of minor preventory and health promoting projects, says Keinanen.

The SWOT analysis will also create a background for comparing status in public health work across national borders.

- We intend to compare in order to get a picture of where the nations stand in their public health work, Keinanen says.

HEPRO is working for a more systematic approach to public health work. This will primarily be achieved through the partners adopting the principles of the planning circle.

- It will however take time before these principles can be thoroughly practised. HEPRO will therefore primarily concentrate on getting the partners started on the first few steps of the circle, says Keinanen.

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